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Sabre Kowloon Rugby Football Club

Hong Kong Rugby Premiership
League Champions 2011-2013

Kowloon RFC has a great history which has been based on well founded objectives; to play rugby with like minded people; to provide opportunities through rugby to others in our community and to have a sense of belonging. Kowloon has always done this with a sense of pride, a sense of friendship and commaraderie unmatched by other clubs in Hong Kong and probably in the region

Kowloon RFC's Rugby Section consists of five competing Men's and two Women's Teams and also a Netball Section consisting of six Teams

In addition, Kowloon RFC hosts the Kowloon RugbyFest, a reknowned annual social tournament for it's generous and consistent support to a society and charity work.

Welcome to the home of the Loon Family!

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Kowloon Community Day 5 Dec 2015 (click here)


community day

We are pleased to announce that Kowloon RFC upon entering a debenture with the Pinnacle Foundation, will together be catering to a group of underprivileged children at "Bounce" on Saturday, 5th December 2015 between 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Join us for a meaningful day of high octane family fun together!

FB Event
Kowloon Christmas Wander 12 Dec 2015 (click here)
xmas wander

This year our annual Christmas wander will be held on Saturday 12th December where all Kowloon members will be roaming the streets of Hong Kong in full Christmas spirit!!

Details to be confirmed with Ali but save the date and we'll see you there, Christmas hats and all!

Facebook event
Kowloon Dragons Champions Cambodia 10s 2015 (click here)
cam10s flyer cambodia 10s cambodia10s

See their photos from the Cambodia Tour by clicking on the imags above!

Heartfelt Condolences for our Brother
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