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kowloon this week

Meet James Sawyer from Men's Premiership 1st XV

"Loon is love; Loon is life"

We continue this week with yet another member of the Cardiff mass migration, playing Back Row, meet James Sawyer. Although James has a big heart off the pitch, when his boots are on the ground he will not back down no matter what. James successfully scored in the pre-season match against HK Scottish which saw an intense come back by the Boys, eventually clawing back to a one point victory.
James Sawyer iwanbrynjames


We expect to see much more action coming from James as the season unfolds and as James continues to be in unison with the Team. It is an exciting chapter in this new environment for James and rest assured Kowloon is behind you cheering you on! More details:

  Nickname  The Sawy, Sawyermeows, P.O.N.G
  Height  185 cms
  Weight  99 Kgs
  Marital status  Single
  From  Monmouth
  Favourite foods  Spaghetti Bolognese
  Favourite band  Little River Band
  Previous Clubs  Bedwas RFC, Cardiff University, Wales Students, Newport Gwent Dragons U18s,
U20s, 'A'
  How you became part of Kowloon?  Bryn and Jack sold me the HK dream.
  First impressions of HKG  Busy in a good way; always something going on.
  Biggest difference betweeen your home town and Hong Kong  Home town has a population of a few thousand, Hong Kongs a bit bigger.
  Most embarrasing moment  Not really had any
  Main interest outside of rugby  Other sports, mainly cricket, golf and footeh
  Dream sporting event  Olympics 100m Finals
  Dream date  Jack Neville
  One word to describe yourself  "Doughy"
  Things you can say in Cantonese  Ka Leen Wai Lo Do (Granville Road)
  Your greatest rugby achievement  Wales Student
  More about yourself  See above


So give up some Loon love when you see the Sawy out on the pitch, because you know he is putting in work for the Loon!


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