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kowloon this week

Meet James Holmes
from Men's Premiership 1st XV

"As long as the sun's up and shining, things can't be that bad"


This week we meet James Holmes. Fate would have it that whilst majoring in International Business Management down the road at the HK Polytechnic University, James came to learn of Kowloon Rugby Club from his Cardiff Crew mates and decided he wanted in on the action. Don't let the babyface fool you because James will step up and confront any situation when called upon and he is hungry for success. 100% Work hard and play harder is something James has demonstrated already and we eagerly anticipate James to keep raising the stakes by the continual development, tweaking and honing of his rugby skills in the coming future.

Amy Kuilboer Amy Kuilboer


"Take life as it comes and play your best with the hand you are dealt".
You know Holmesey will give it his best shot no matter what life throws at him... what more could you ask from someone?

More details on James:

  Nickname  Holmesey
  Height  180 cms
  Weight  110 Kgs
  Position  Prop
  Marital status  Single
  From  Portsmouth
  Favourite foods  Sushi
  Favourite band  KC & the sunshine band
  Previous Clubs  Cardiff Uni, Llanharan RFC
  How you became part of Kowloon?  Followed the Cardiff contingent to Asia
  First impressions of HKG   Very hot and busy
  Biggest difference betweeen your home town and Hong Kong  Probably the heat again, doesnt help being ginger though.
  Most embarrasing moment   Getting dump tackled by a scrum half
  Main interest outside of rugby   Mountain Climbing and Travelling
  Dream sporting event   Lions Tour
  Dream Date   Blake Lively
  More about yourself  Just an all round happy and easy bloke


Give it up for Holmesey!... and show him some of that Loon love!


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