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  Kowloon Club update 2 Sep, 2016


Kowloon Club Updates - 2 Sep 2016

Winner of the first Tony Ho Scholarship is announced

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Lawrence Chan is the winner of the First
Tony Ho Scholarship

It comes with great joy we announce that Lawrence Chan has been Awarded the winner of the first Tony Ho Scholarship to Mount St. Mary's College.
This news comes after Lawrence's participation in the Tony Ho Summer Camp that was run by the Natal Sharks. Lawrence will be commencing 2 terms as a student in the reknowned Mount St. Mary's College, UK.

This is the result of the wonderful work of Rugbyfest and our partner Breakthrough in conjunction with the HKRU and Mount St. Mary's College, that we are able to witness such a historic opportunity, when Youths are given such chances which would have otherwise never happened.
We sincerely thank everyone who worked so hard and contributed in making this dream possible and we are certain Lawrence will cherish and make the most of this opportunity to represent the Tony Ho Fund and to celebrate Tony's Life and continue his passion for Rugby and studies.

Congratulations Lawrence!



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