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kowloon this week

Meet Samantha Wright
from Ladies Premiership 1XV team

"Live in the present, Remember the past,  and fear not the future, for it doesn't exist and never shall. There is only now."

(Saphira - The inheritance cycle by Christopher Paolini) "


After a long break, we return with more new updates and developments within the Club. This is also a great opportunity to introduce new members to the rest of the Kowloon Family, since it can be harder than you think. The different rugby Teams rarely all have matches in the same venue and the Netball section use completely different venues altogether.

This week we look to our Ladies 1XV team and introduce to you Samantha Wright. Personally, I find the Ladies section is tough and they face intense opposition but instead of feeling discouraged, you will find the most optimistic and persistent characters in the ranks of the Kowloon Ladies Teams. Essential values if you want to be successful in life and overcome obstacles, which is something that Samantha shines with. Tough times don't last but tough teams do...
Of course it always helps to have support so consider yourself personally invited to come to their matches and cheer for Samantha and the rest of the Ladies Team!

Samantha Wright Samantha Wright


Having spent the majority of her time in Hong Kong, Samantha is multi-lingual and speaks fluent Cantonese, English and Japanese. She hopes to be able to participate in different games and competitions,  to improve and exert herself.

More about Samantha:

  Nickname  Sam
  Height  165 cms
  Weight  53 Kgs
  Position  Winger / Centre
  Marital status  Single
  From  Hong Kong
  Favourite foods  Anything except internal organs
  Favourite band  Imagine dragons, muse, twenty one pilots, Adele, LORDE
  How you became part of Kowloon?  Via a friend
  Your impression of HKG   Busy, always busy
  Most embarrasing moment   Shouting I'm not fat lol
  Main interest outside of rugby   Mountain Climbing and Travelling
  Dream sporting event   Mixed Martial Arts
  One word to describe yourself   Nerdy
  Languages spoken   Chinese, English, a little Japanese
  Things you can say in Cantonese   Everything
  Your greatest rugby achievement   Managed to tackle without fear
  Dream date   Go for a picnic I think ~
  More about yourself   Love animals, can be weird at times, want to travel and see the world, want to be as green as possible and save wild life


"My favourite incident so far would be my surprise birthday party. It was a few years ago when I was still in junior from,  my friends and I were in the school's band club so we had free access to the band room. So we've decided to go to the band room after school for my birthday party and band practice,  I was so looking forward to celebrate with my friends but then one of them disappeared and all my other friends said that she's not coming even though they've tried to persuade​  her to stay. So I was pretty down at that point,  having a birthday party without one of my best buddies.  Just then the friend who was​ suppose to have left came through the door huffing and puffing,  and in her hands was a birthday cake. It turns out  that she ran to the closet cake shop right after school. I was so happy and grateful to have them as my friends,  even though it was not something spectacular it was still the best birthday party!"

So the next time you see Sam around, show your support and let Sam know that the Kowloon Family (You) are right behind them no matter what!.. .


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