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Chairman's Corner

Jason Conlin and the Kowloon Committee

40th Anniversary Kowloon dinner - 12 Nov

Dear All,

It comes with great pleasure that I announce the 40th Anniversary Kowloon dinner will be held on the 12th November 2016.

Venue: Regal Hotel, Causeway Bay
Date: Saturday 12th November, 2016
Cocktails: 7:00 PM
Speeches and Sit-down Dinner: 7:30 PM Sharp

All past and present players, social members and partners are welcome to join us for this memorable occasion. I hope to see you all there to have fun and celebrate this milestone in the history of Kowloon Rugby Club.

Black tie event: Gentlemen Black tie / Ladies Evening dress
HKD$750 per person (includes three-course dinner and all drinks)

Mark McMillan Resigns
Mark McMillan

posted 21 Aug 16


Unfortunately Mark has resigned from his role at the club as Director of Rugby. He has been offered a fantastic opportunity at Deloitte HK and we wish him great success in his new role. Mark will still be an active member of our great club but with final university studies and his new role he will be taking a back seat in the coming months.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mark for all his efforts in the last 2 years. He has been a shining example of passion within rugby both administratively and on the field and has set the standard for success which will be the benchmark for the whole club in the coming years. His 5 year plan is our guideline to expansion and something I and the rest of the committee will be working towards.

The club will seek to replace Mark in the coming months once we have the season up and running. An announcement will be made nearer the time once we start the formal process.

Cheers Macca and good luck!

Jason Conlin

Kowloon RFC 40th Anniversary
40th Anniversary schedule    

For the latest updates on the events for the 40th Anniversary, please visit the Anniversary page by clicking the silver button above:


Hi Team,

With end of Season soon upon us and the Rugby 7s on the horizon, which I know we all look forward to with great excitement, Our Club's annual Long Lunch continues this year but will bear special significance to mark the start of the Club's 40th Anniversary celebrations and runs throughout the 2016-17 Season. Through the decades, since it's first inception until today, it was the individual members coming together as a team, as a family, that made Kowloon so special and resilient. A lot has been achieved and our memories are fond so it¹s time to remember and be proud. They encourage us to be persistent and look forward to the challenges which lie ahead.

The Long Lunch
I invite you all to join us at the Long Lunch and celebrate Kowloon as one team, the history, the heritage and the future. Whether you are in Rugby, Netball or Social, it does not matter as we are Kowloon.
(please click the Long Lunch image above to book)

Activities Schedule
We will have an Old Boy, old school rules match as well as a 40th Anniversary party which I would like to see everyone at in September. You will find a basic schedule by clicking the button below, which will be updated from time to time:

I thank every individual one of you for being part of this great Club and the consistent support shown, without which this would not be possible.

Here's to another 40 years ahead!


Jason Conlin

SGM - Open letter to all members

Dear Member,

You will have received notice from our club secretary of a pending SGM the purpose of which is to vote on the transition of the existing Kowloon RFC society into a fully incorporated limited company. With this in mind, I thought I would layout the reasons why and potentially answer any questions you may have prior to the meeting. I would encourage you to read through and if, after consideration, you have further questions you want answered you can direct them to the club committee at the SGM. If you are unable to attend the SGM in person you can pass your questions on to a fellow member to ask on your behalf.


The practice of converting from an unincorporated society to a so-called 'limited company' is becoming increasingly popular within the Hong Kong rugby community, not least because of the various benefits which it confers. If the conversion is carried out properly, then Kowloon RFC should appear to be continuing as it always has done, without disruption. It will retain its status, and will still be able to raise funds for the furtherance of its objects. In reality, though, Kowloon RFC will be undertaking major changes to its constitution, as part of its transformation from an unincorporated society to an incorporated body. At the end of the conversion process, Kowloon RFC will exist as a limited company, registered at Companies House and subject to all of the same legislation as any other limited company registered in Hong Kong.

Why convert?

There are several advantages to incorporating an existing society as a company, and these are explained below.

Limited liability
Traditionally, Hong Kong Rugby Clubs were set up as societies. In this scenario, the people who want to run the rugby club will sign a declaration of trust (or 'trust deed'), signifying that they are the office bearers on behalf of the society. The Society, though, has no separate legal personality from its members, because it exists as an unincorporated association. In short, this means that the office bearers can become personally liable for any debts incurred by the society, and there is no limitation on their liability.
As the result of its status as an incorporated body, a company exists as a separate legal 'person' from its members and directors, and therefore the debts it incurs are the company's liabilities and not directly the legal liabilities of the people who run it. This is known as limited liability, and is a feature common to most companies. Most incorporated Rugby Clubs tend to be limited by guarantee, which means that the liability of the company's members is limited to a fixed sum of money ('the guarantee') which is specified in the company's articles of association, and is usually HK$1.00
Hence, one of the main reasons why Rugby Clubs might wish to undertake conversion from a society to a limited company is to benefit from the limitation of personal liability that such a move would confer. Should things go wrong financially - assuming that the office bearers (who are also usually directors of the company) have not acted wrongfully, fraudulently or in breach of duty - then the company will bear the burden of its own debt, and the office bearers personal assets will be protected.

Ability to employ staff
Because an unincorporated society, such as Kowloon RFC as it stands, does not have its own legal personality, it is unable to fully employ its own staff. Instead we contract in so called self employed individuals to perform duties on our behalf. As the club continues to develop both within the Rugby Community and the Netball Community, as a limited company it will be much less troublesome for such a body to administer employees' contracts of service. This will allow us to develop and aid individual development whilst complying with Hong Kong employment law.

Contractual issues
An incorporated entity, in its capacity as a discrete legal personality, can have documents signed in its own name. Hence, it is often a lot easier, in practical terms, for an incorporated body to enter into contracts (for example, with a commercial landlord or other service provider) than would be the case for a society like Kowloon RFC. Where a society is likely to be doing any of this on a more than infrequent basis, it can therefore be extremely beneficial to switch to limited company status.

Are there any disadvantages to conversion?
The main disadvantage of conversion is that, because Kowloon RFC will now be a company, it will be answerable to Companies House. This means that, in addition to its existing responsibilities, Kowloon RFC will now have to file accounts and annual returns at Companies House.

Will Kowloon RFC operate in the same way after conversion?

The answer to this question depends on the extent to which the rules and regulations which governed the old society are to be duplicated in the constitution of the new company. If the new company's articles reflect broadly the constitution of the existing society, then it is likely that not much will be different in terms of the way in which it is run - aside from the obvious effects of the enterprise becoming subject to the provisions of wider company law. However, many rugby clubs have seen the conversion process as a good opportunity to update or change provisions which may be out-of-date, or which may have become inappropriate for their needs. As such, any changes made may well influence the manner in which the business of the rugby club is carried on subsequent to incorporation.

The conversion process

In reality, the society will not actually be 'converted' to a company in the literal sense. Instead, a new limited company will be formed, which will be registered with Companies House in its own right and which will subsequently take on the assets and undertaking of the existing society. The new company will need to have special articles of association, which are drafted bespoke and take into account the nature and constitution of the existing society.

Once all of the assets have been transferred, the old society can be wound up, or kept on as a 'linked society' if desired. During this process - provided we handle this properly - there should be minimal (if any) disruption to the work which Kowloon RFC undertakes, or to its appearance to the 'outside world'.

Practical considerations
Aside from the legal elements which are part and parcel of the incorporation of an existing society, there exists a number of important practical concerns which should be addressed. Most importantly, the manner in which sponsors of the existing unincorporated society are to be transferred to the new Kowloon RFC Ltd company is something which merits close attention - this can be done by various means, such as a transfer agreement or a vesting declaration. Similarly, the process of identifying what other societies or bodies linked to the existing Kowloon RFC society will be effected and how they and their constitutions are incorporated into the new limited company for a clear and transparent, future and person proof transition.

I hope to see as many members as possible at our SGM on February 18th 2016 so we can clearly outline our obejectives, the processes and how it effects and benefits you as a member.


Jason Conlin

16 Jan 2016 - KRFC HandsOn HK Community Day

Happy New Year guys!

We have another Community day on Saturday 16th of January so we require your assistance in the form of volunteers to interact with underprivileged Children for the event.
Itinerary outlined below;

· 10am – short opening speeches by MVision representative, KRFC chairman and Director from Hands on HK as well as brief on housekeeping rules etc.

· 10.30am – first session of activities

· 11am – break

· 11.10am – split into two groups at two different activity posts for second session

· 11.40am – short break

· 11.45am - rotation of two groups and final session

· 12.15am – Group photo

· 12.30pm – lunch

Please leave a comment if you would like to volunteer and join our meaningful event and share happiness with underprivileged Children of the community!
22 Oct 2015 - KRFC MVision Community Day
community day community day

Dear All,

Heartfelt thanks for your support last Saturday and yet another successful Community Day. Great support from all sections of the club and judging by the smiles on peoples faces the Children, Sponsors and your good-selves had a fantastic time. Indeed one of the classes stayed at KP and watched their first ever rugby game and were vocal in their support for the Beavers. These events are key to our future impact on our Community and intrinsic to how we are viewed in greater rugby circles. We are leading the way in many sections of pathways for the young and I look forward to further events and support from you all.

Many Many thanks again.


Our Heartfelt condolences to a brother

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I have to announce the passing of one of our true “Brothers” Luni. A legendary member of the Kowloon family Luni had been suffering from Bowel Cancer and passed away in the early hours of this morning.

Luni had been working as a YDO for Poneke RFC in New Zealand and had become very involved in assisting young children coping with some of the things life throws at them. Sorting out some of their issues has allowed them to focus on what they would like to be doing, playing rugby! This speaks volumes to what Luni was all about. Helping others, being there for others.

I am sure some of you have seen the Facebook post but just in case you haven't click below. The Poneke AB's with the world cup and Luni centre stage!

Kowloon RFC and many present and ex members as well as many friends from the rugby community around the world had donated money to Luni’s cause and I wish to thank everyone who has done so thus far. Haven spoken to former Chair Paul Mallen, who has been communicating with Luni’s close friend Evan Bellford and his long term partner Chrissy Gordon we know Luni appreciated having his old mates in his corner.

Longer term we want to honour Luni’s memory and from this year forward we will be awarding the Luni Trophy to “Breakthrough Player of the Year”. Luni was all about youth development and we believe this is a fitting way to keep his memory alive and something he felt passionately about.

Further more Kowloon RFC will be setting up a donation vehicle for funds to be collected and used to support less fortunate children who need help to be able to follow their dream to play rugby. Whether this means providing a pair of boots, transport to training or whatever. The money raised will continue his work. The details of the account and fund raising events will be circulated shortly.

Go to the tribute page to Luni

Jason Conlin

23 Oct 2015 - Hong Kong Rugby Family

23 Oct 2015 - Hong Kong Rugby Family


The Kowloon Family would like to offer it’s deepest condolences to John Bruce and his family for the tragic loss of his mother. The Specials will be wearing black armbands as a mark of respect during their game at Valley at the weekend. Together we will be standing shoulder to shoulder with the greater Hong Kong Rugby Community as it celebrates the lives of Beth Coalter and Thomas Dudley Nelson who were also taken from us this week, far to soon!

Stay Strong, Stay Together……


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