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 Kowloon Rugby Club partners with DLA Piper to celebrate our commitment to community outreach

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After a three year hiatus, we are thrilled that the Hong Kong Sevens is back! To celebrate the games return, the Kowloon Rugby Club has proudly partnered with DLA Piper, one of our long-term corporate sponsors, to create a series of exciting short videos to showcase the important community outreach work that is made possible through their support.


This newly launched campaign celebrates the role of Kowloon Rugby Club in the community and aims to raise awareness of the programs made possible by the sponsorships of corporates and members of the club that help to support the development and operation of our outreach programmes.

About DLA Piper

DLA Piper is a global law firm that is deeply committed to its values: Be Bold, Be Exceptional, Be Collaborative and Be Supportive. We are honoured to work with DLA Piper to showcase the community programmes that embody those values.


Learn about DLA Piper and its values here.

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Be Collaborative: We reach out to others, give help willingly and make ourselves available when needed.


Julia's Story

Meet Julia, a young rugby player who plays for KRC and is part of the National Hong Kong Womens team. Listen to her story of how rugby encourages her and other young women in her team to push themselves further and reach their potential.

Julia’s story of teamwork strongly reflects the DLA Piper values of collaboration. Everyone has a role to play and the team will not be successful unless everyone does their part.

"It takes a team to go forward and be good". 

                                                                                        -    Julia

Support from organisations like DLA Piper help Kowloon Rugby Club to continue its great work to empower young women and girls to engage in sports and physical activity.

Be Bold and Be Exceptional: We are resilient, we adapt quickly. We challenge, and are open to being challenged.

Kham's Story

Meet Kham, from the Philippines. She is a domestic helper in Hong Kong, a loving mother and one of the touch rugby players in the programme. Watch the video to see her in action and listen to her story of how the program has helped her meet new friends, compete in tournaments and friendly games, all while being cheered on by her team.


"The best thing is when you are united in one team, you can reach the goal that you want".

                                                               -     Kham

The Domestic Helper Touch Rugby program brings an opportunity for women who currently work as domestic helpers in Hong Kong to pursue their passion for sport and gain stronger teamwork and leadership skills through the sport of rugby. Learn more about the program here.

Be Supportive: We treat everyone fairly, and with respect and courtesy.

Tze To's Story

DLA Piper’s Litigation Partner Leo Cheng recently spent an afternoon volunteering with a group of children. In this video, he experiences firsthand the pure joy that rugby can bring to children, no matter what their individual abilities.

The Childrens Outreach Program provides access to rugby-based games for children of differing abilities and their families to help them reach their full potential.


Meet Tze To, a student at Hong Kong Christian Service Pui Oi School. Tze To, like many other students at the school, has a physical disability which hinders his movement and quality of life. At Kowloon rugby, we organise community days to share the joy of playing rugby with people who may never otherwise experience the game we love to play. At these community days, we are told that the students are often so excited the night before that they can’t sleep that night. Watch the video to see how Kowloon Rugby strive to provide the opportunity for rugby to be played by all.

Dodo's Story


Meet Dodo, our co-captain for the Women’s Premiership team this season. Dodo only started playing rugby when she was at university and since then has never looked back. Rugby for Dodo is more than just a sport… it’s sisterhood.


At Kowloon rugby, we strive to be a close family through the bonds we make on and off the field and through our all-inclusive culture. Although we have a total of 7 rugby teams of varying levels, across numerous leagues, it is important for us as a club to treat each other as equals.

"We are more than friends. We are sisters".

                                                                                  -     Dodo

For more information about the work Kowloon Rugby Club do in the community, or how you can get involved, please contact us at

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