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Kowloon Netball is one of the largest netball clubs in Hong Kong. With over 100 members across 8 teams, we are able to cater for players of all abilities. We train hard and play hard - and enjoy coming together as a whole club.

Looking to join? Please contact our coach Anna:


Opals are Kowloon's top team, in division two of the Hong Kong netball league. Made up of some of the more long-term ’Loons', they love a competitive game of netball but always have a laugh at the same time.


Diamonds play in division three, with the youngest and oldest Kowloon members! Known to their opposition as the team who are always giggling when warming up, they have their game faces as soon as the whistle blows.


Crystals play division four. They are a tight nit team having played for a few season together now. They are always keen for a training session or a few post match drinkies!


Rubies are Kowloon's non-training netball team and moved up to division four this year. With either small kids or demanding jobs (or both!), they don’t have time to practice but still enjoy playing the game. Some have made comebacks from other teams after having children; some are long-time Rubies and others are new. The team look forward to welcoming Beth, last season’s star player, back from the bench where she sits with another bun in the oven. 


Pearls are in division five of the league and a strong unit. With 11 amazingly positive players, the team approach every game with a smile and are always excited about the opportunity to get out and play hard. 


Jades are a brand new addition to the family, made up mostly of club newbies. With a nice mix of competitiveness, fun and fair play, they hope to win division five.


Amethysts are in division six of the league. Most of the team are new to the ’Loon', but after a few games and a couple of team socials they feel like they have been playing together for years. 


Emeralds are Kowloon's premier social team, in the fiercely competitive division seven. When not busy arranging brunches, they can be found adding a touch of glamour to the green courts of Aberdeen. 

Junior Descendents

Kowloon Juniors is ran by Shirley Yuen, a professional netballer and teacher. 
Enquiries: syuen810@gmail.com 

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