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The pandemic has impacted our rugby communities around the world. Among the hardest hit are our friends at Lao Rugby, who use rugby to empower thousands of children each year. 


We are taking donations to help cover operating costs so they can continue their development and outreach programs. Learn more by visiting

Kowloon Rugby Club has proudly partnered with Lao Rugby Federation since 2014 to support rugby for development work in Laos. 


The Lao Rugby Federation brings rugby and life skills learning to over 3,000 players each year across three provinces in Laos, and over 50% of all rugby players and coaches are female. 


Your donation can help the Lao Rugby Federation to continue its great work to empower youth and women through the challenges of COVID and beyond!

Humans of Lao Rugby

Your donation will go towards helping the development of players and coaches like Lay Yar and Bee Meevongsa. See their stories here.

For more information about the work Kowloon Rugby Club and Lao Rugby do in the community, or how you can get involved, please contact us at

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