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Dr. Andrew Miller: Appreciation of a Loon Stalwart

Kowloon Rugby Football Club (KRFC) is so proud of supporters like Dr. Andrew Miller, who not only loves his rugby but has been associated with it for a lifetime. Andrew grew up on the Shetland Isles, where not much rugby was played. However, he developed a love for the game while attending Gordonstoun School and ended up playing for Dundee University 1st and 2nd XVs. He even played for Dundee Pot Bellies, a social team which gave him the opportunity to play in various positions.

In the 1970s-80s, Andrew discovered his love for rugby in Hong Kong and later joined KRFC. Andrew quickly became a stalwart of the club, enthusiastically attending all Kowloon Rugby Premiership matches. His loyalty and passion for the game made him a valuable member of the KRFC community.

Andrew paid tribute to his rugby background, and his connection to KRFC, by naming his house in the UK ‘Kowloon’. Despite his departure from Hong Kong, Andrew still supports his beloved KRFC from afar.

Having him as a stalwart supporter of KRFC is an honour for the club and we applaud his unwavering loyalty and tremendous spirit. We hope that Shetland Rugby Club, the most northerly rugby club on the British Isles, continues to thrive and to honour his love for the game.

It is fair to say that Andrew has made an undeniable impact on the club and we have no doubt that his passion for rugby will continue to flourish. KRFC were delighted to present Andrew with a signed KRFC rugby jersey and a team photo (taken at the last game he attended at King’s Park) at the 2023 Kowloon RugbyFest Dinner as a sign of our Loon appreciation. Likewise, Andrew kindly donated a Shetland RFC rugby jersey to be offered as a prize at the next Kowloon RugbyFest Dinner.

We applaud Dr. Andrew Miller and his wife Minnie for their incredible support and wish them every happiness in their future endeavours.


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