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Just the Trick!

A message from our Tanner De Witt Kowloon RugbyFest MC, David Trick Greetings to all at DAC Kowloon Rugby & Netball Club, I hope you are all safe and well in these challenging times. Sitting here in Bath my mind drifted over to Hong Kong and the great memories I have of my trips to Hong Kong, your fantastic club and in particular the work you do out of the playing area. Your community days, Tony Ho Camps, Xmas presents and support for rugby in Laos are truly inspirational. During this “downtime” I thought it an idea to let you know about our “Foundation” work here at Bath Rugby Club Bath Rugby Foundation is Bath Rugby’s charity and our purpose is to empower vulnerable children and young people in Bath and the surrounding area to succeed. Over the years I have become ‘beyond’ passionate about this charity and the work it does with vulnerable children and young people. Due to the inability to run fundraising events, we have had to get more creative and have narrowed our fundraising approach to include, grant applications, 1st XV recruitment, sponsor a student and Monthly Giving. If you would like to find out more please see below or get in touch via email at I would like to thank you for the opportunity to share this with you and to thank those who have already supported these projects. Hope to see you all in November Go Loon David Trick P.S Congrats on the new cricket section.

Sponsor a Student’

Concerns the vulnerable students we educate full time. Currently we have just over 60, who are divided between three classrooms. In this instance, ‘vulnerable’ means they have difficult / non-existent home lives, they have been excluded from school, and includes homeless teenagers and several drug abusers, (all this is a result of personal circumstance and not the fault of the child). Last year 95% of students went on to gain full time jobs, apprenticeships, or returned to full time education. Also, in the last two years we (they) have achieved a 100% pass rate in their exams. . Sponsor a Student costs £600 per year and enables us to pay for all non-core costs which are vital to their development, (external courses, transport, food and suitable clothing amongst many other non-core costs.

Monthly Giving

Is exactly what is says on the tin! This is being officially launched at the end of January / early February when it will be promoted by the Foundation and even more importantly Bath Rugby. The platform is live and I started the ball rolling with a monthly donation of £10. I then contacted my cycling group and secured another 30+ monthly donors giving between £5 - £25 per monthThis link will take you to the donate page and with the click of one or two buttons you can turn your donation into ‘monthly giving.’

I have set myself a target of 500 monthly donors in 2021 and want to urge people to only donate an amount they will not miss each month.

  1. A lot of people donating a small amount will make a huge difference .For example 500 donating £5 (Circa HK$50) equates to £30,000 per annum.

  2. The Foundation work with the most vulnerable (disadvantaged) children in the region; often already excluded from school, with many ‘sofa surfing’ and directionless.

  3. Over a 15 year period, 75%+ of our students go on to secure full time employment, apprenticeships or return to full time education. Last academic year the figure was 95%.

  4. All monthly donors will receive an update once or twice a year on how the initiative is progressing and how the funds are being spent.

  5. Please take a look at or contact me directly at

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