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Kowloon Cares: Medical Missions to Philippines

Raised at the Kowloon RugbyFest, DAC Kowloon RFC has provided funding for four medical missions to the Philippines. Organized by the Pot Bellied Pigs RFC in collaboration with the Retired Services League, who volunteer their time, these missions provide medical assistance to children in the region of Pampanga. Approximately 12,000 children are reached by these missions each year.

Under the guidance of volunteers from the Angeles Local University Hospital, vital medicines, wheelchairs, hearing aids, and vitamins are given to designated family members of the children once they have been seen by qualified doctors and trained medical staff. Plans to expand these missions to Cebu ,Subic and Zamabales are underway. Details of the most recent mission are as follows:

Medical Mission (December 3rd, 2022)

The event on the 3rd of December was held in Magalang Town Plaza with the support of the Mayor Matu Paras Lacson.

Volunteers to support the event were:

- 1 Doctor

- 42 Trainee Nurses from Angeles City

- 3 Nursing instructors from Angeles City

- 3 staff from the specialist Burns unit Triple B Care

- 20 RSL Members

- 10 RSL Wives, Girlfriends, Partners

- 10 Other volunteers

- 50 staff from Magalang City government

- 10 Rescue police providing security

- 5 PBP members plus three friends

3rd December Highlights

The highlights of this event are:

- 300 kids seen by Doctor and Nurses diagnosis and basic medication and deworming (where needed)

- 15 special needs wheel chairs donated to disabled children

- 1 standard adult wheel chair donated as a special requests from the Magalan Mayor

- 1 standard Childs Wheel Chair

- Hearing 9 Aids

- 3 Cleft palete operations will be funded

History of Medical Missions

- RSL Angeles City and Pot Bellied Pigs Rugby Club been working together since 2015 on Medical Missions in Pampanga, Philippines

- The RSL also support the tournament when held in the Philippines

- We had a break during Covid pandemic and restarted mid 2022

- The Pot bellied Pigs Rugby Club and DAC Kowloon Rugby have sponsored two events in 2022

- The donation to this event was HKD 16,000


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