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Kowloon Summer Academy - 1 Month Package

Kowloon Rugby Club proudly presents the Kowloon Summer Academy, catering to the current Kowloon RC youth players. This program offers a 4-week training experience, fostering a strong community and preparing players for the upcoming season. With access to international coaching, world-class facilities, and personal development programs, participants can excel physically, mentally, and in their rugby careers.


The Kowloon Academy provides comprehensive coverage including:
    •    Training Kit
    •    A professional preseason program 
    •    Weekly team sessions 
    •    Team social activities
    •    1-to-1 player development with qualified pro coaches 
    •    An 4-week gym program 
    •    Group gym sessions 
    •    Nutritional advice from leading S&C coaches in HK 
    •    Advice sessions with current international players


If you have any questions regarding the Academy, please contact



Kowloon Summer Academy - 1 Month Package

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